Ramblings of landscapephotographer Dag Ole Nordhaug

  • Clearing summer storm, Geiranger

    Clearing summer storm, Geiranger

    This is an iconic viewpoint on the road down to Geiranger in Norway. I have passed here many times, always stunned by the view. The steep mountains are impressive enough, but the small turf-houses really make the scene for me. They add a sense of timeless romance and nurture thoughts around how life could be…

  • Transitions


    A collection of images captured over the timespan of about one hour last weekend. A photography buddy and I headed out into the local “wilderness” last weekend to capture a fresh dusting of snow on the spruces. We noticed that higher elevations were shrouded in fog, and headed up there. We found a nice area…

  • The H&Y CPL-VND Revoring

    The H&Y CPL-VND Revoring

    I do not use filters very often, and I only use filters with effects that cannot be replicated in postprocessing. I don’t use ND-grads anymore. However, the effects of a solid ND and a polarizer is difficult to achieve in postprocessing, so I use those filters from time to time. Alas, I need them in…

  • Autumn drama

    Autumn drama

    Autumn is by far my favorite season to photograph, as it is for many landscapephotographers. Of course the vibrant colors contribute to that, but it’s also something about the light and of course the changing weather. Last autumn I got to visit a few locations and photograph a lot. I still have a huge backlog…

  • Dress up for winter

    Dress up for winter

    It’s the time of year when everyone are heading for the Lofoten islands, Northern Sweden or Finland or somewhere else in the arctic to photograph winter-wonderland. The light this time of year can be pretty spectacular, so you are surely in for a treat. This is no rocket-science, and my points may seem obvious to…

  • Fresh dusting

    Fresh dusting

    This image is 10 years old these days! It was captured in early March 2013. It was snowing quite heavy as I drove out to Unstad beach that morning, but as daylight emerged I got a small window to capture the fresh dusting of snow on the sandy shore. Conditions can be quite harsh here…

  • Overlooked. Revisiting Venezia.

    Overlooked. Revisiting Venezia.

    I have visited Venezia three times for photography so far. It is definitely a favorite of mine. The absence of cars, the canals, the gondolas and the rustic buildings and classic architecture all contributes to a timeless character and strong sense of place. As I have just started to plan a new visit, I was…

  • A short review of the new filter systems from B.Way

    A short review of the new filter systems from B.Way

    Before I start this small review, I have a confession: I rarely use filters. I only use filters that generate an effect that can not be easily replicated with other techniques, such as bracketing. That basically means that I never use graduated ND-filters and that my filter-pouch has three 95mm filters and a set of…

  • Review of the Benq SW 321c – does the monitor matter?

    Review of the Benq SW 321c – does the monitor matter?

    Yes, the monitor matters! And this one is probably one of the very best out there for photographers. Read on if you want a few more details on why monitors are important for us photographers and why the new Benq is so good. This spring, Benq reached out to me and asked if I would…

  • H6D-100c and the HCD lenses

    H6D-100c and the HCD lenses

    It has now been a little more than a month since I received my new Hasselblad H6D-100c and I have got to test it out properly, at least in the field. One of the things I was most curious about was how my lenses performed on this new, physically larger sensor. Most H-system lenses (denoted…

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